Abstract Guidelines

Materials should be submitted in .doc-file (or .docx) using MS Word. Each report should not exceed 2-3 pages A4.

Margins: left – 3 sm, right – 1,5 sm, upper – 2 sm, bottom – 2 sm. The text is presented in one column, in Times New Roman – 14 pt for the text and 12 pt for Figures and References. The line spacing is 1.

The name of the file with the text of the report corresponds with the surname of the first author. For example, Ivanov_AA.doc”.

The text should be presented according to the following:

The title of the report: clarendon 14, capital letters, center-justified.

Authors: regular type 14, center-justified. Format: Surname, N. If the authors are from different organizations, the author and the corresponding organization are marked by the same index.

City, Country, name of the organization: regular type 14 pt, center-justified.

E-mail: regular 14 pt, center-justified.

One line empty.

Text: regular 14 pt, width justified. Indent 1 sm.

References: regular type 12 pt, width centered. Indent 1 sm. Please avoid automatic numeration of references!

Figures and tables: are placed within the text. Inscriptions are done in regular 12 pt. Each illustration should be accompanied by the reference. Tables are placed within the text. Each Table should be anticipated by a title “Table N. Title of the table”, where N – is the number of the table. Title and text of the table are in regular 14 pt.

Equations are presented using Microsoft Equation, center-justified and Arabic numbered.

Download: Template text of the report