Abstracts Guidelines

Download the abstracts template

Dear colleagues! To prepare the abstracts of the report, please follow the rules listed below.

The content of the abstracts

The abstracts should briefly outline the purpose of the work, its main idea, the proposed solution, the results and their brief discussion.

Text formatting

The abstracts of the report should be printed on one A4 page. Use the Times New Roman font, size 12, all page margins are 20 mm, the single line spacing, the paragraph indentation is 1 cm. Text alignment to the width of the page.

To prepare the abstracts, you should use the template that creates “Formatting Styles” that take into account all the requirements for formatting the text (for the main text, use the “normal” style).

Indentation between paragraphs and formatting using spaces and line breaks are not allowed (only paragraphs are separated with the Enter key).

Abstracts may include a table, figure, or diagram separated by an “Enter”. Alignment of figures and tables in the center of the page without indentation.

The list of references should be drawn up according to the sample given at the end of the template.

Filename of the abstracts

The abstracts file should be called as Author.docx , where “Author” is the surname of the speaker, written in Latin letters, for example, Ivanov.docx . If several reports are submitted, then a number should be indicated after the last name (Ivanov1.docx , Ivanov2.docx ). Abstracts should be saved in Microsoft Word format. All formulas and notations are typed only in the Equation editor (built into Microsoft Word). It is forbidden to use Russian letters and symbols in formulas and in the text to denote physical and mathematical quantities.